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Amber Heard knew her angles
© Instagram / Amber Heard

Amber Heard knew her angles

News author: Donna Jones 
 2020-01-09 12:40:05

The 33-year-old actress still hasn’t explained the mysterious medical boot she has been wearing since January 1, although she posted a lot of photos of herself with it.

And now Amber shared a new photo on Instagram. Here, she posed in a tiny orange bikini that left little to imagination and jeans.

According to the caption, she missed Hawaii a lot as she put a special hashtag to #missinghawaii to it. «Know your angles, am I right ladies?» the celeb jokes.

Amber gave the camera a giant cheerful smile. She stayed in a boat that was going through ocean water. And it turned out, she is able to excite her followers in any outfit as her post gained over 225. 000 likes in just 11 hours.

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